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Our Licensed Professional staff of over 20 Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists has been providing quality physical therapy to the community since 2002. We believe that not being able to easily get to a therapy location should not be a barrier to receiving care. Spectrum Fitness & Rehab offers home care, outpatient and fitness services. We can help you transition to a safe and personalized fitness program today!

Pete Scordo - Owner/Physical Therapist


Pete has a B.S. in Biology from Rutgers University and a Master's in Physical Therapy from Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, PA. He's been a practicing PT for over 20 years focusing on a comprehensive approach to improving people's quality of life: mind, body and spirit. 

Pete lives in Northfield, NJ with his wife, Alyssa, and two daughters. 

Joe Bonzcek - Owner/Physical Therapist


Joe graduated Stockton University in 1997 with a B.S. in Physical Therapy. He always says, "We are movement specialists", and he seeks to restore each and every patient to maximum functionality. 

Joe encourages physical fitness at every age; he and his wife, Annette, run marathons. Their three children are exceptional athletes in various sports ranging from football to gymnastics. Together, they live in Northfield, NJ.

Annette Bonczek - Physical Therapist
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